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Leading in a time of great change
DECEMBER 19, 2023
How do we build a better future for seniors? Elderly populations around the world are growing. And in regions like Ontario, Canada, one in five seniors over the age of 80 have complex care need...
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Naturally occurring retirement communities
DECEMBER 12, 2023
How can communities help more seniors to age in place? Canada’s urban areas are home to a large number of older adults, and more are choosing to live in apartment and condo buildings than ever ...
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Multi-sector planning for aging
DECEMBER 05, 2023
How can jurisdictions work across sectors to ensure a better future for all of us as we age? Aging well is multifaceted and requires collaboration to develop and implement innovative and aligne...
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Boomers’ approach to their future care needs
NOVEMBER 28, 2023
Are Baby Boomers preparing for their future healthcare needs? In four years, the oldest of the Baby Boom generation will turn 80. By 2040, the population over 80 will double and we know their complex care needs will grow. Unt...
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International nursing journeys to Canada
NOVEMBER 21, 2023
What does it take to become an accredited nurse in Canada? In a world where healthcare professionals are in high demand, nations are turning to internationally educated nurses to bridge the gap...
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Caring across cultures
NOVEMBER 14, 2023
With an ever-changing demographic landscape, how do we provide care that can be tailored to individual, cultural needs? Also, with an increasing reliance on newcomers to Canada within the caregiving workforce, how do we ensure we are creating inclusive and welcoming work envir...
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Age-friendly technologies
OCTOBER 24, 2023
As the first of the Baby Boomers soon turn 80, how can technology enhance their lives and help them stay home? Finding the right tools, that make life simpler and easier, is key.
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Elder caregiving and the modern workplace
OCTOBER 17, 2023
How will Canadians balance their caregiving duties with their jobs? As the first of the baby boomers soon turn 80, we expect a growing number of employees in workplaces across Can...
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Global insights on seniors’ care
OCTOBER 10, 2023
What sage advice for seniors’ care can we learn from others around the world? The cultural frameworks in which we live, work and age guide how we innovate – as governments, communities, and car...
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Aging and mental wellbeing
OCTOBER 03, 2023
Are we psychologically prepared as a society for aging? More and more we are seeing a fear of elderhood and avoidance to talking about its realities. This fuels a cycle of bias that we can chan...
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