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Smashing the stigma surrounding ageing | Ashton Applewhite
NOVEMBER 29, 2022
In this episode, Donna is joined by Ashton Applewhite, an anti-ageism advocate, speaker and the author of “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism” and the blog “Yo, Is this Ageist?” Ashton is a writer, an activist, and an internationally recog...
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Challenging the status quo in seniors’ care | Brent Gingerich
NOVEMBER 22, 2022
In this episode, Donna is joined by Brent Gingerich, Chairman and CEO of peopleCare Communities, who stepped up to serve as chair of our Board during the height of the pandemic. Highly regarded in the sector, Brent is known for exemplifying values-b...
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The significant impact of gendered ageism on older women.| Dr. Paula Rochon and Dr. Paul Higgs
NOVEMBER 15, 2022
As women access seniors care in Ontario and other jurisdictions around the world, many of them are still frequently encountering gendered ageism and other healthcare inequities. In this episode, Donna discusses this issue with Dr. Paula Rochon, a Se...
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New strategies for meeting the needs of our aging population | John Yip
NOVEMBER 08, 2022
In Ontario alone, the population of people over the age of 85 is set to double over the next 12 years. Currently, there are more than 40,000 people on the waitlist for long-term care in Ontario, while the system is facing significant staffing shorta...
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Expert data, research and insights into optimizing seniors care | John Hirdes
NOVEMBER 01, 2022
To ensure seniors are better supported, it will ultimately be about taking collective responsibility, both across the health system and throughout society, for supporting our aging population. In this episode, Donna is joined by John Hirdes, a profe...
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Recognizing and supporting caregivers | Amy Coupal
OCTOBER 25, 2022
If we hope to provide better support to our ageing population over the coming years, we’ll need to adopt a fresh perspective and reimagine the way we think about the important role of caregivers. In this episode, Donna sits down with Amy Coupal, the...
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Transforming care through innovative partnerships | Cameron Love and Dr. Michael Guerriere
OCTOBER 18, 2022
In this episode of Coming of Age, Donna shares an inspiring conversation with CEOs Cameron Love of the Ottawa Hospital and Dr. Michael Guerriere of Extendicare. Together, the two organizations run a transitional care unit in one of Extendicare’s lon...
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Reimagining seniors’ care | Dr. John Muscedere and Dr. Alex Mihailidis
OCTOBER 11, 2022
As Ontario’s population of seniors continues to grow over the coming years, we will need to reimagine the way we provide care and support. In this episode of Coming of Age, Donna sits down with two experts in aging who are helping to drive this tran...
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A humanistic approach to long-term care | Vincenzo Paolino
OCTOBER 04, 2022
Exploring new innovations in seniors’ care from a global perspective can inspire us and lead to fresh ideas on how we can best support our seniors. In the first episode of Coming of Age’s second season, Donna sits down with Vincenzo Paolino, a speci...
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Lessons learned: Communicating during COVID | Max Stern
SEPTEMBER 27, 2022
In this special episode of Coming of Age, the script is flipped as Donna takes on the guest hot seat. Instead of asking the questions, this time, Donna provides answers to questions asked by health communications professional Max Stern. Along with h...
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