Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our ageing population
Welcome to Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our ageing population, a podcast about how we can better support our seniors. The current challenges facing long-term care have never been more imperative. By 2050, the number of seniors per 100 working-age people will nearly triple to 58 in 2060. We need to look to the future now, so we can effectively prepare to care for our ageing population, build proper infrastructure, and transform the sector to respond to the changing needs of new residents. Listen in as Donna Duncan, CEO of Ontario Long Term Care Association is joined by leaders, advocates, and affected families. They dissect the notion of ageism in today’s society and reflect on how the global long-term care system can change to best support the changing expectations of future generations.
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Smashing the stigma surrounding ageing | Ashton Applewhite
NOVEMBER 29, 2022
In this episode, Donna is joined by Ashton Applewhite, an anti-ageism advocate, speaker and the author of “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism” and the blog “Yo, Is this Ageist?” Ashton is a writer, an activist, and an internationally recog...
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Challenging the status quo in seniors’ care | Brent Gingerich
NOVEMBER 22, 2022
In this episode, Donna is joined by Brent Gingerich, Chairman and CEO of peopleCare Communities, who stepped up to serve as chair of our Board during the height of the pandemic. Highly regarded in the sector, Brent is known for exemplifying values-b...
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The significant impact of gendered ageism on older women.| Dr. Paula Rochon and Dr. Paul Higgs
NOVEMBER 15, 2022
As women access seniors care in Ontario and other jurisdictions around the world, many of them are still frequently encountering gendered ageism and other healthcare inequities. In this episode, Donna discusses this issue with Dr. Paula Rochon, a Se...
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