Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our aging population
By 2040, the population over 80 will more than double, but our perceptions of aging and plans for seniors’ care innovation have not kept pace. Let’s change the conversation. Coming of Age features host Donna Duncan, CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association, in lively discussions with national and international experts on ageism and how to reimagine seniors’ care.
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Aging and mental wellbeing
OCTOBER 03, 2023
Are we psychologically prepared as a society for aging? More and more we are seeing a fear of elderhood and avoidance to talking about its realities. This fuels a cycle of bias that we can chan...
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The future of palliative care
SEPTEMBER 26, 2023
How do we learn about and prepare for the natural course of a progressive illness? For patients and their loved ones, the journey includes both hope and grief. A palliative care approach can he...
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Ageism unmasked
SEPTEMBER 19, 2023
Why do we make assumptions about people based on their age? Each person is unique, and their age doesn't tell us anything other than how long they've been on the planet.
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