Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our aging population
By 2040, the population over 80 will more than double, but our perceptions of aging and plans for seniors’ care innovation have not kept pace. Let’s change the conversation. Coming of Age features host Donna Duncan, CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association, in lively discussions with national and international experts on ageism and how to reimagine seniors’ care.
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Boomers’ approach to their future care needs
NOVEMBER 28, 2023
Are Baby Boomers preparing for their future healthcare needs? In four years, the oldest of the Baby Boom generation will turn 80. By 2040, the population over 80 will double and we know their complex care needs will grow. Unt...
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International nursing journeys to Canada
NOVEMBER 21, 2023
What does it take to become an accredited nurse in Canada? In a world where healthcare professionals are in high demand, nations are turning to internationally educated nurses to bridge the gap...
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Caring across cultures
NOVEMBER 14, 2023
With an ever-changing demographic landscape, how do we provide care that can be tailored to individual, cultural needs? Also, with an increasing reliance on newcomers to Canada within the caregiving workforce, how do we ensure we are creating inclusive and welcoming work envir...
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