A humanistic approach to long-term care | Vincenzo Paolino
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Exploring new innovations in seniors’ care from a global perspective can inspire us and lead to fresh ideas on how we can best support our seniors. In the first episode of Coming of Age’s second season, Donna sits down with Vincenzo Paolino, a specialist in geriatric care equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit. Vincenzo’s background includes a degree in psychology, time spent in psychiatric nursing with a specialty in seniors’ care, and experience as a nursing director in a hospice for people with AIDS as well as a long-term care home, where he and his staff successfully implemented major culture change. He is also the founder of queerAltern, a group that develops housing options for LGBTQI+ seniors. Since 2013, Vincenzo has been operating Almacasa, a collection of residential communities in Europe that take a unique approach to care. During the episode, he shares several inspiring insights and stories that could help us discover new possibilities for the future here in Ontario.

Learn more about Vincenzo Paolino: https://globalageing.org/staff/vincenzo-paolino/

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