Boomers’ approach to their future care needs
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Are Baby Boomers preparing for their future healthcare needs? In four years, the oldest of the Baby Boom generation will turn 80. By 2040, the population over 80 will double and we know their complex care needs will grow. Until recently however, one of the missing pieces of information in conversations about future seniors’ care planning was how the Baby Boom generation is preparing for potential challenges as they age.

In this episode, Donna Duncan is joined by David Coletto, Chairman and CEO of one of Canada’s leading polling and public opinion research firms: Abacus Data. With a career spanning over two decades, David has devoted his life to exploring what people think and feel about their work and lives.

In May of 2023, the Ontario Long Term Care Association commissioned Abacus Data to survey 1,000 Ontario residents aged 68 to 76 to help with our planning for the future. Listen as we explore what we learned and the implications for Boomers, governments, and seniors’ care providers.


·       Getting ready for the aging Baby Boom generation: a survey

·       Abacus Data market and public opinion research agency

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