Elder caregiving and the modern workplace
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How will Canadians balance their caregiving duties with their jobs? As the first of the baby boomers soon turn 80, we expect a growing number of employees in workplaces across Canada with caregiving responsibilities. 

In this episode, Donna Duncan is joined by a panel of experts discussing elder caregiving and the modern workplace. Listen as they explore the growing trends and implications for employers and for Canadians balancing caring for their elderly loved ones with careers and workplace commitments. As more Canadians find themselves navigating caregiving responsibilities, let’s discuss workplace and societal strategies.

Episode guests:

·   Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist, Conference Board of Canada

·   Nora Spinks, Work-Life Harmony Enterprises and seniors’ and family thought-leader

·       Allison Williams, Social Geographer at McMaster University and Research Lead of the Canadian Institute for Health Research/Social Science Humanities Health Research, Healthy Productive Work Partnership Grant



·   Conference Board of Canada Reports

 The time to fix long-term care is now (2020)

 Sizing up the challenge: Meeting the demand for long-term care in Canada (2017)

·   Resources for employers:

 Caregiver Friendly Workplace by McMaster University

 Carer-friendly workplaces, inclusive and accommodating employment practices by Carers Canada

·       Research

 Balancing Flexibility and Administrative Burden: Experiences of Family Managers Using Directly Funded Home Care in Manitoba, Canada

 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on carer-employees’ well-being: a twelve-country comparison

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