Mental health in a pandemic | Adrienne Spafford
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Mental health and long-term care are deeply interwoven and during the COVID-19 pandemic, this has never been more evident. In our second episode, Donna interviews Adrienne Spafford, the former Senior Director, Strategy & Public Affairs at OLTCA. Adrienne is now CEO of Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, and on today's episode, the two discuss the intersection of mental health in long-term care homes, first by addressing the needs of seniors and reflecting on the challenges and solutions created over the past 14 months. They question how we can reimagine senior living to promote stronger mental health by removing the stigma around mental illness. They continue by discussing front line workers, exploring how as a system, we can better provide the necessary resources care staff need on a daily basis.


Learn more about Adrienne Spafford and her work at Addictions and Mental Health Ontario here:

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