Multi-sector planning for aging
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How can jurisdictions work across sectors to ensure a better future for all of us as we age? Aging well is multifaceted and requires collaboration to develop and implement innovative and aligned solutions – such as local infrastructure, transportation, housing, health care and social services, education and more.

In this episode, Donna Duncan is joined by two U.S. experts on aging services and multi-sector planning. Listen as they explore how states in the U.S. and their governments are leveraging master plans on aging that bring everyone to the table – local infrastructure, housing, health and social services, education and more – to align initiatives and improve services for older adults and their caregivers.

Episode guests:

  • Katie Smith Sloan, aging services’ expert, President and CEO ofLeading Age in the U.S. and Executive Director of theGlobal Ageing Network
  • Sarita Mohanty, a partner and strategist for California’s multi-sector aging plan and President and CEO ofThe SCAN Foundation


This episode was generously sponsored by our Sector Champion,Arjo.

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