Primary care matters: The critical role of family doctors | Kim Moran
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It’s no secret that society has changed, and we’re asking much more of our health professionals and at a greater speed than ever before. It’s important that we find ways to ensure that our family doctors and other healthcare providers are supported, healthy and not overburdened. In this episode, Donna sits down with Kim Moran, the CEO of the Ontario College of Physicians, to discuss strategies for making this vision a reality. An accountant by training, Kim is also the former CEO of Children’s Mental Health Ontario. Kim brings a unique perspective to thinking about public policy and healthcare, and she always comes to the table with solutions—not just challenges. During the episode, Kim shares examples of healthcare programs and solutions that are working well within their communities, and which areas are still in need of structural reform.  Donna and Kim’s discussion echoes many of the conversations that are happening today throughout the health system, and what we’ve been advocating for in long-term care for many years: a greater support system for healthcare workers to help them avoid burnout and provide high-quality care to patients. 

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